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About us

The interest grouping CSG TRI TEAM z.s. is quite a young team that was founded in 2017, with a focus on road and off-road triathlon. Although our main domain of activities encompasses triathlon, you can also meet our athletes competing in individual sports such as swimming, running, road and mountain biking, cross-country and alpine skiing. No challenge making us frightened, our team even repeatedly appears at the start of the legendary Gigathlon Czech Republic and Switzerland, and the unique Winterman race. 

We have taken part in many races around the world and additionally, we have cooperated with the sporting events´ organizers. That led us to the decision to organize, under our own banner, some races in triathlon and other sports we prefer. And indeed, we are quite demanding as far as organizing is concerned, but we do believe that you will appreciate our approach. You can find more information about the upcoming events in the Organizing section or on our links on social networks.

That´s right – unique performances call for a unique approach! For that reason, we decided to create our original clothing design, both elegant and creative. In combination with high-quality materials from the ATEX Company, we have designed our own collection of clothing, which you can view and possibly order in the E-Shop section. 

We look forward to meeting you at some of the races.